What’re urinal lookin’ at?

Does this happens to you, fellas?

So you go to a public bathroom, either at work or in a pub or the like, somewhere where there are multiple toilets in the one room that are a mix of urinals and cubicles.

Personally, if I’m going for a Number 1. I will head for the urinals first. But when you enter and all the urinals are taken you have to resort to a cubicle instead. In this instance, I tend to keep the door open, as if to say “I’m not shitting, just pissing here, yo”.

Now this is when things start to get complicated. So you’ve gone in to a cubicle to wee because the urinals are taken but then those guys at the urinals finish first and leave whilst you’re still in the cubicle, door open, weeing.

Then some new guys come in and see this empty bathroom, urinals available, and you peeing in a cubicle like some freak.

It’s about this time I feel like I need to defend myself and explain that I had to take the cubicle due to availability but I’m really a urinal guy, just in case these guys think I’m insecure about peeing in public or something. I think this way despite never having entered a men’s room, seen a guy peeing in a cubicle with the door open and thought “you pathetic loser”.

That’s why when I’m done in the cubicle i like to leisurely leave it out as I say a few hellos before putting it away, zipping up and washing my hands , just so there is no misunderstanding about my public bathroom comfort.*

*This is not entirely true… I sometimes don’t wash my hands

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