Tales from Movember: Pt3

Due to no demand, the offending mo

The Final Insult

Cute girl: Hi.

Me: Hey.

Cute girl: You trying to grow a mo for Movember?

Me: Not trying, succeeding.

Cute girl: That? Nah, you’ll get there but that’s no mo, I get more off when I get my lip waxed.

Me: But… It’s November 27th! If it’s not there yet it won’t ever be!

Cute girl: *Tisk* Shame.

Me: Oh…

Cute girl: Are you registered? That really is so pathetic I feel I should donate or something.

So, like the stranger who felt pity for my feeble attempt to grow a mo’ and suffering a month of embarrassment, you too can donate to me. Or you can donate to Movember in general, it is a great cause and a lot of fun, despite all my moaning (see below).

Movember: Having a Ball

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PS I will be shaving at one minute past midnight tonight, should I auction off the hair for more money?

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