Middle Finger Pt I

Most people sit down every day, often more than once, and never give it a thought. The ability to place our bum down on a seat or surface, to go from standing to sitting is a skill we often take for granted. Most people are able to accomplish this feat without inflicting horrible personal injury upon themselves… I however, was not so lucky.

This story of sitting gone wrong takes place one night at the local bowling club after a few ales  (as all good stories do). My friends and I were all filing into a mates van for a lift into town when the incident took place.

As I climbed aboard and dropped myself into the back seat a horrible wet popping sound was heard throughout the car. At first we were all a bit confused as to what the sound was exactly. As we sat in the dark (all the doors were closed) I removed my hand from under my bum where my sit had come to rest to reveal the misshaped silhouette of what I thought was my hand… a cold wet sensation began trickling down my arm…

When the front door opened and the inside car light came on the horrific remains of my middle finger were revealed… What used to be my middle finger on my right hand. Finger nail, straight up. Finger tip skin,  sagging and swinging. Bone, sticking out. … the sight of which sent my mates to the windows gagging and left me in shock. How could a sit go so wrong?

To spare you the shocking & graphic image of the actual injury, see the artists interpretation below.

After cleaning up the copious amount of blood spilling from my finger (it was literally spurting out with my heartbeat) it was clear that I had somehow managed to somehow separate the 3 things that make up a finger. The bone,  the flesh and the nail.

It was off to the emergency room for me…

To be continued…

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