Smiths Crisps – Do us a Flavour Pt 1

Last year Smiths Crisps had a competition called Do us a Flavour where people could suggest a new flavour for the potato chip manufacturer to make. To enter you had to think up a flavour and send it in with an image that best represents & expresses your flavour idea.

Four finalists were selected by Smiths and their flavours were made and available in shops. The general public would then taste them and pick one of those four to go on to be Smith’s new flavour. The overall winner walked away with $30,000 and%1  of all future sales of their flavour.

The four finalist flavours were: BBQ Coat of Arms (?), Late Night Kebab (!), Ceaser Salad (salad?) and Buttered Popcorn (popcorn, really!? You want popcorn HAVE POPCORN!). As you can see, I was not impressed by these finalists at all. (I think Smiths deliberately picked some dodgy ones to ensure they wouldn’t have to pay that 1% )

As a crisp fanatic this competition got me quite excited, so excited in fact I ended up entering 4 times. Here is the first of my enteries:

Sausage Sandwich with Onion & Sauce

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