Tales from the video shop Pt 1

In the video rental system, the people are divided into two separate yet equally important groups: the people who hire the movies and the customer service representatives  who tolerate them. These are their stories.


One night I was signing up a new member (one of the worst parts of the job) and it came to the part of the form where the new member needs to pick a password for their card.

Me: And what would you like your password to be, it can be up to 6 letters or numbers?

Them: Don’t need one, mate

Me: You require one so we know the card is yours and not someone else’s, it’s to protect you from others hiring on your card (normal spiel)

Them: Not necessary, mate, here’s my password…

At which point he turned around and pointed to the back of his head. He was shaved bald with a tattoo of a WARNING label on the back of his that read “Does not play well with others”… He turned back around and said, “that’s my password”

Me: …

Rather than question him again I wrote in the password down as HEDTAT… I then wrote a note on his membership to pop up upon scanning his card saying:

Make sure you ask this gentleman for his password

Bet one of my co-workers had fun with that one next time he came in…

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