The Subway Principal

This year was my 10th consecutive Anzac day celebrated at my local bowling club at Kahibah and every year I watch as the young, naive people who don’t frequent the club swarm in and not know how to line up for a beer.

For those who don’t know, bowling clubs often employ the Subway Principal as the preferred line up method to get a beer.

The Subway Principal is quite simple and follows the line up rules that Subway*, the successful sandwich maker uses. That is, to line up along the bar rather than line up deep. Keep the people moving along conveyor belt style, keeping the line moving.

It’s origin’s stems from those drinkers who got sick of leaving the bar and having to carry their drinks through the crowd of people lined up behind them. Some snazzy thinkers realised that less beer was spilt by moving along rather than through.

The bar staff never falter from serving only those only operating within the proper line up method. If you’re lining up behind people and being neglected they will not explain to you the error of your ways as they’re probably too busy working efficiently with those who know how to line up.

Nothing frustrates me more than watching those who crowd around the back of the group wondering why they aren’t getting served. I will often go out of my way to educate those poor souls who so want a beer but a too dim to notice why those in front of them are getting served while they are getting no closer to the bar.

There is something rewarding about going to line up yourself and seeing a young fella you just taught getting served with a smile on his face, chuffed to have discovered the secrets of the elusive line.

There are obviously exceptions to the rule. If no one is at the bar you can obviously walk right up. If there is a bowler or an older member of the club, let them go in front of you. But for the most part, if you live by the Subway Principal you’ll be fine.

So, in the interest of helping the young learn this sophisticated and effective lining up process i’ve included a diagram below.

*This post is no way sponsored, supported or endorsed by Subway ™… even though they’re delicious…

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