Tales from the Video Shop Part V

In the video rental system, the people are divided into two separate yet equally important groups: the people who hire the movies and the customer service representatives  who tolerate them. These are their stories.

One quiet night I was working with another guy and a man came in, he must have been 7 foot tall at least, easily the tallest man I’d ever seen in real life before. I was at the counter and had to watch on as my co-worker pretended the man was Godzilla and acted as if he were many fleeing Japanese people as the man wandering about the store.

He soon grew tired of this (he was being very convincing and must’ve exhausted himself) and went back to stocking the shelves.

He soon came over and exclaimed loudly “How fucking tall was that…”

He had forgotten one of the most important rules about retail services jobs, keeping the in store head count. The freakishly tall man had not yet left, he was simply leaning down between the shelves inspecting some weeklies. When he’d heard my co-worker say “…fucking tall…” he elongated himself to full height again and leered over towards the counter. Realising that the man had just unfolded behind him my mate quickly recovered with “… chick before” as if changing the sex would spare him from being caught.

The funny thing was, the giant man believed him and began asking questions about this made up woman. Turns out he had a problem meeting many women on account of his height and he was interested in this mythical tall woman. We played along, painting this tall woman in a glorious light, until he finally left.

Feeling a bit guilty we each kept an eye out for any particularly tall women that happened upon the store so we could play cupid… we never did find any.

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