1. Does your website reflect your brand and express confidence in your services? 

Starting with what should be an easy question. Does your website clearly state what you do, why you’re good at it and how to get in touch?
2. Does your website work well on all mobile devices? 

More than ever people are browsing on their mobile devices. Google will not show your website in search results unless it works on mobile. Think of how many potential enquiries you’re missing out on! 
3. Does your website have Google analytics installed?  

Do you have data on your website? Do you know who is visiting your site, how they found it and where they’re coming from? 
4. Is your website optimised for search engines? 

Does your home page title talk about what you do, where you do it or does it simply say “Home” like millions of other  websites? 
5. Does your website generate enquiries? 

Do you get people making contact directly via your website, either by form, email or trackable calls? Things you can measure and attribute to the website.
6. Is your website secure and up to date? 

Is your website https / SSL (the green padlock) secure when people are browsing your website? If not, it may hamper your possible Google rankings and be seen as a dangerous site to visit. 
7. Can you update your website by yourself without having to engage a developer?  

For Example, were you able to put your 2019 Christmas holiday trading hours on your site yourself? 
8. Is the content and information on the website up to date?  

Are the details on the site - open hours, numbers, services offered, prices - all up to date and current? 
9. Does your social media help drive traffic to your website?  

Do you use social media effectively? Not all websites need to use all social channels but it is an efficient way to share up to date information and market yourself. 
10. Lastly, do you have a plan for your website and digital marketing in 2020? 

Your website is up, but what is your plan for it? Are you going to drive it so it works for you and gets enquiries or just let it sit there gathering dust until it needs a refresh (if it doesn’t already)? 
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