Waeger originally approached me to simply update their old website into a new, more modern, layout and look. The original site was dated, wasn’t mobile friendly and they were unable to easily be updated it with their recent projects. We ended up doing a brand refresh to go along with the new site and the results speak for themselves.

One of the first thing I noticed in doing the work to update the website was some of the more dated elements didn’t translate into the more modern web design aesthetics, mainly the logo. I went ahead and did an appropriated version of the logo and included it in my first version of the new website.

They were so impressed with this they added a new logo to their project and decided to do a full brand refresh.

The previous logo was a child of the 90s. Big, bulky and including the phone number and slogan. It was never designed with the intention of needing to appear on a sleek website. So we went ahead and kept the colours but updated the font and look to be more reflective of the various aspects of their business.

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The old site. 

Aside from the obvious asthetic faults of the old website it had a lot of dated issues that worked against it. The main one being it didn’t display on mobile devices. Another that it lacked any optimisation to appear in search results. Finally, it they were unable to update the site themselves or with expense, so it sat as it was a decade earlier and began dating immediately.

With the updated logo and branding squared away the website could follow suit in the more crisp, professional design and layout. The site is now mobile responsive and scales according to whatever screen the user may be viewing it on.

It was the perfect opportunity for Waeger to update the photos to include their more recent projects (which they will be able to continue to do internally on their new site) as well as tidy up some of the language and services they’ve since updated from when the original website was launched.

Automated one page monthly SEO report from Google

The new site also included some optimisation for search (SEO). Previously they did not rank in search at all. The site was not secured with an SSL (green padlock) and didn’t work on mobile devices so Google wouldn’t even consider it as a result. Since the upgrade the website is now ranking first (!!!) for “bridge construction Newcastle” on Google and is on the first page for their other services. Crazy.

Month on month more people are visiting the site with over 60% coming via Google. Those are potential clients who could literally not have found them with their previous site.

The project was completed within a couple of weeks with minimal  fuss and they were online with the new site and getting more traffic and more enquiries right away.
So if this sounds like you and you think you’d like to reap the benefits of a new site and new leads get in touch to see how I can help transform your businesses website.
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