Beer O’Clock

This image was done as a project back when I was in uni. I think we had to think of a product and do a visual mock-up of it… or something.


Beer O'Clock
The amazing Beer O’Clock!


It is a design for a digital clock but not just any digital cloack. It would constantly displayed the LED time of ‘BEER’ with the idea that it was always beer o’clock (yeah, I know, lame, but I was in uni). It would have alarm settings built in for drinking games, a radio for music and a place for a deck of cards (a drinking games must!).

While it was well received as a “fictional product that would never actually exist because no one would buy it” (teachers words, not mine) I still think it wouldn’t be out of place in any novelty shop or online…

So if you’re interested in producing the Beer O’Clock, please, contact me.

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